How Fabulous are you

Some people are fun and interesting and well Fabulous, other people suck!!! Sucky people are into music that everyone likes at the same time, and lame movies and arn't much fun.

Which are you?? Cuse if you suck then you should probably do us all a favor and hide. don't know what else to say, I thought I made it quite clear, but this dang thing is making me decribe more.

Created by: Melody
  1. Which collection of music is most like your own?
  2. If you had paid vacation time and a little extra money saved, where would you go?
  3. What would be an activity you would love to do.
  4. Who is you favorite comedian
  5. How do you look at things politically
  6. Which Rachel McAdams movies is your favorite
  7. What would you put first on your TIVO
  8. What is your favorite food
  9. Which drink would you order from a bar
  10. Which expression are you most likely to say
  11. What is your favorite house pet

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Quiz topic: How Fabulous am I