How evil are you?

For those of you that have always wondering if you have what it takes to slaughter hundreds of innocent people continue on to find out. Or even if you just want to see for yourself that your not.

Are you be a nice person who loves everyone? Will you be evil, the one that carelessly beats ninety-year-old grandmas? Are you "That One"? Or will you be the most vile of all? Just minutes to find out.

Created by: f4Qt0r3!

  1. Do you like the Devil?
  2. What's cuter?
  3. Who's your idol?
  4. If someone insulted you, would you:
  5. Heaven is:
  6. Blood tastes:
  7. Which do you like more?
  8. When you pray:
  9. You like:
  10. If you had to choose one wish it would be?

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Quiz topic: How evil am I?