how evil are you?

evilness is a very unique characteristic it could make you the most popular person but also the most hated be careful how u use cus you never know if someone is more evil than u

so how evil are YOU? take this quiz to find out your evilness inside of you in a few seconds you will find out yor evil percentage that is waiting for u

Created by: Elaine reyes

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  1. u found an ipod thouch on the floor after wards you relize its your frinds, do you give it back?
  2. do you think your a nice person
  3. your enemy just humilated you in front of you crush. what do you do?
  4. are u smart
  5. do you feel bad after you done something wrong
  6. are u a leader or a follower
  7. do you like to outshine other no matter wat
  8. which of these physical traits do you have
  9. which of these personality traits do u have
  10. did u like the quiz

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Quiz topic: How evil am I?