How evil are you?

The world is full of evil doers. Are you one? Maybe you are and don't know it. Maybe you are not but think that you are. Maybe its the evil that makes you cranky. Take this test an all will be revealed.

The reviews are in: "Another Quimby classic!" - Quimby. "I love this quiz!" - Quimby's mom. "Its so Evil, its Good" - anon "Tastes like chicken" - Will Rogers

Created by: Quimby

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  1. You see a lovely patch of wildflower growing in a barren landscape, you:
  2. Children laughing makes you:
  3. Hitler was
  4. Finish the line to this movie song. "Raindrops keep falling on my ______"
  5. Complete the phrase, "you never forget your first _____"
  6. Your favorite color is
  7. Your favorite automobile is
  8. Favorite pasta
  9. Toast is
  10. Which of these people or phrases mosts makes you laugh or at least smirk?

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Quiz topic: How evil am I?