how emo are u ?

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this quiz is about emos and there style and the fact that u need to get help if u feel like kermiting suicide I am here for u no mater what okay ucool

this is to show people if they are emo or nott and it says about depressing songs but I must aadvise u not to take yhis quiz if u would get triggerd eaisaly because there are two trigger waning photos xoxoxoxox

Created by: emoloverskyler

  1. what is your style?
  2. so what music do u listen to
  3. what sort of clothes would u wear on a normal day
  4. have u ever cut
  5. sow how do u feel
  6. have u ever thought about suicide
  7. how deep have u gone
  8. so look y r u doing this quiz
  9. has this helped u in any way
  10. I hope u enjoyed this quiz

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