How Eco-Friendly Are You?!

some animals such as polar bears and orangutans are endangered, fighting for their lives, whilst halfway across the world, were eating macdonalds chips and graffitying on walls and dustbins, but not all of us...

now, by taking this quiz, you can find out of your an eco-warrior or more of an eco-worrier, or even better, you could be a green goddess. all you have to do is answer some questions to find out if you have what it takes to be green.

Created by: lisa
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  1. how often do you watch tv or dvds?
  2. do you litter?
  3. do you pick up litter when you see it?
  4. if you have a dog do you pick up its poo?
  5. are you a vegetarian?
  6. how much do you use paper?
  7. do you grow your own fruit, veg, and plants?
  8. do you always turn the heating up high?
  9. how do you freshen the air in your room?
  10. how often do you use deodorant?
  11. what do you do with leftovers after meals?
  12. how do you shop?
  13. how long do you spend in the shower?
  14. how often do you go in the car?
  15. do you leave taps running?

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Quiz topic: How Eco-Friendly am I?!