How Eastern Shore are you?

The eastern shore of Maryland is very unique. We have many things that are one of a kind. We love our area and would never trade it, however we know that we are a little country while the rest of the planet is a little rock and roll. I hope you can relate to this little quiz..

This quiz is totally for fun, but kinda true... Ya'll can figure this out and hopefully have fun in the process. I am sure most of you know where you wil land on the span of this quiz. If not.. You need not ask Mr. Foxworthy if you are smarter than a 5th grader.

Created by: Mike
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  1. Fog delay....
  2. Maryland Blue Crabs are
  3. Going to Ocean City is...
  4. Have you (or anyone you know) stayed at the Snow Hilton??
  5. You know what Burlin Murlin means and it sounds normal to you.
  6. Know what a shucking contest is and has been to one!!!
  7. Punkin Chunkin is...
  8. What is Pennsyltucky mean to you?
  9. My favorite football team is..
  10. The inlet of OC is closed and there is some sort of fest going on...
  11. What is wrong with this question..." We will just take our check, then."

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Quiz topic: How Eastern Shore am I?