How dumb are you really?

There are few dumb people in this very world. May you be one of them? Do people have the right to be calling you the dumb one? Are you smart and not dumb?

Are YOU the dumb one? Are you dumb enough for this quiz to tell you are? Thanks to this quiz, we can ALL find out if we are really, truly dumb? Or are we not?

Created by: Bob

  1. 1+56=?
  2. You have 22 eat many are left?
  3. Lets say your birthday is tomorrow...and your 15 right old are you?
  4. Do you think your dumb?
  5. I ate your pie.
  6. You have 6 pies, how many do you have left?
  7. Your at Walmart, you hear the worker say mess in food isle...what do you do?
  8. Want to go swim with sharks?
  9. You like this quiz?
  10. You ready to see how dumb you are?

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Quiz topic: How dumb am I really?