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  1. truefalse: energy used within a cell is a closed system (energy doesnt need to be replenished)
  2. enzymes are:
  3. at high temperatures, enzymes undergo denaturation and lose their catalytic properties; at low temperatures, the reaction rate decrease.
  4. PABA is a competitive inhibitor which inhibits the catalysis of sulfanilamide to folic acid.
  5. a reduced molecule
  6. what is the end product of glycolysis?
  7. true false: pyruvic acid can enter the krebs cycle
  8. NAD+ is ____ to NADH
  9. what is decarboxylation?
  10. a major function of the krebs cycle is
  11. what molecule enters the Electron transport chain?
  12. true false: the phospholipid bilayer of the plasma membrane is permeable to protons (protons can easily pass through)
  13. which of the following is NOT true regarding the electron transport chain?
  14. the typical end products of complete aerobic respiration are carbon dioxide, water, and:
  15. where does the electron transport chain take place in prokaryotic cells?
  16. aerobic respiration differs from anaerobic respiration in which of the following respects?
  17. under ideal conditions, the complete aerobic oxidation of one molecule of glucose (aerobic respiration) by a bacterium allows a net gain of how many ATP molecules?
  18. which of the following is the best definition of respiration?
  19. which of the following is the best definition of fermentation?
  20. true false: only carbohydrates can be broken down within a cell and used for energy.
  21. true false: oxygen is not required during fermentation
  22. under ideal conditions, the fermentation of one glucose moecule by a bacterium allows a net gain of how many ATP molecules?
  23. which of the following is not true about fermentation?
  24. true false: alcohol is a product of all fermentation pathways
  25. pyruvic acid can only be broken down during fermentation by yeasts.
  26. a function of fermentation is
  27. the first pathway used by yeasts during wine production is
  28. why is there a limit to the alcohol concentration in "natural" wine?
  29. reactions involved in the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis constitute the
  30. when is ATP produced during photosynthesis?
  31. true false: carbon dioxide is used to synthesize sugars in the calvin benson cycle
  32. in which of the following is chemical energy used for carbon fixation?
  33. which of the followig is the best definition of generation time?
  34. which phase of the bacterial growth curve has more dead/dying cells than living cells
  35. twenty staphylococcus aureus cells contaminated the mac salad you were making for a picnic. given a gereration time of 60 minutes, how many bacteria wold you have after 2 hours?
  36. true false: extreme of obligate halophiles require high temperature for growth.
  37. what is the basic reasoning for each bacterium having a minimum, optimum, and maximum growth temperature?
  38. at which temperature would be mesophle not be able to grow?
  39. the "food spoilage" microbes that can survive in a refrigerator are

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