How dumb are you

So many people claim to be brainiacs well really there is only a selected few. So take my quiz to find out if you made that group or if just created a new level of stupid. Good luck

I have nothing else to say so here is a list of random words people chocolate rain wind earth rainbows unicorns llama chicken hot sauce earth nothing pancakes

Created by: chocolate rain

  1. Are friends always loooking at you in a weird way when you ask questions?
  2. When you ask a question in class do people groan?
  3. Are you always failing tests even if it's only like 3 questions?
  4. Are your friends always having to explain things like jokes to you?
  5. Ok i can't think of any more so just skip to submit.
  10. And done looks like i even went over

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Quiz topic: How dumb am I