how dumb are you?

there are many smart people but few are true geniousus. genius is quite exeptional. what is a genious? a genious is a person who is really smart and knows everything in the world. in other words it is a person with a clever mind and is able to solve really difficult situations or problems and see the world in a entirely novel point of view if you want to be a genios maybe you have a hidden smartness in you afterall only a few of us are geniouses

are you a genious? do you have the power to qualify for this pristegious title. until now yoy can only wonder. but thanks to this quiz you will find out in seconds so come on hurry in and take this quiz you are only a click away also dont forget to comment

Created by: ginga

  1. does not effect score: have you ever played with beyblades?
  2. what is 2+2?
  3. what is 99x1
  4. what is the right way to spell.....
  5. true or false: when a trantula bites you is it painful.
  6. what is another word for onomadopoeia
  7. Does not affect answer:so far what do you think of this quiz
  8. what is 100x20
  9. what is the deepest ocean in the whole world?
  10. who one during the last episode of bey blade metal fusion
  11. will you comment and rate plz

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Quiz topic: How dumb am I?