How Hairyfordian are you

There are many country people, but few true hairyfordians. hairyfordians are afterall, quite exceptionally mental. What is a hairyfordian? A hairyfordian is someone who has an extraordinarily mad mind, is unable to solve complex problems, and see the world through an entirely narrow-minded point of view.....

Are you hairyfordian?? if so, see if you can get your genes changed by inter-breedin with less yocal people is my advice, maybe go buy some polish horses willies to broaden your mind!!!

Created by: mark

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  1. When stuck in traffic for 3 hours to get 10 minutes down the road in the city do you?
  2. When asking directions to a good public house.
  3. When asked if you have military background - you reply......
  4. Whilst dancing in your local nightclub a doris comes up to you....
  5. Hairyford is famous for
  6. You decide to go out for a nice meal - you choose
  7. Farmers are
  8. Play is.....
  9. Play is.....
  10. Edgar street grid is

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Quiz topic: How Hairyfordian am I