Do you pick on people who are dorky.well how do you know they are dorky.that was our question. if you pick on someone have them take this quiz.and if you are a bully take this quiz to make sure you aren't dorky

how many dorky people are in this world you may ask. Well we have no clue. if you aren't sure if you are dorky take this quiz. And of course you can take it for fun. just a few minutes and you will know if you are dorky.

Created by: Julie and Sierra

  1. do you like school
  2. whats your favorite subject in school
  3. what grade in school are you aiming for
  4. do you procrastinate
  5. do you like to read
  6. what do you wear to school
  7. if you have a big assignment what would you choose, the assignment or friends
  8. what do you sleep with
  9. what is your favorite color
  10. who is more imporant

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Quiz topic: HOW DORKEY am I