How does he feel about you??? 100% Accurate!!!

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Sometimes it is hard for you to tell how someone feels about you, this is why I made this quiz to help you find out. Guys are confusing and don't deserve you cause you're a hottie. But if you really want to know how he feels take this quiz to find out.

I hope this quiz helps you on your journey in life with all these guys out there. Some of them are really confusing and I hope this helps you figure everything out!

Created by: Kate

  1. How often does he talk to you?
  2. Has he ever said he loves you??
  3. How did you meet him?
  4. When you talk what is it about???
  5. What is your relationship status?
  6. Does he ever yell at you??
  7. Does he ever lie to you?
  8. Does he ever ignore you?
  9. How comfortable do you feel around him??
  10. Has he ever said he actually hated you?

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