Many people think they know alot about disney just because they have been to one of the disney parks, or watch the disney channel. There is so much more to learn about disney then you think.

Are you a Disney Genious? do you know enough to be quized and pass with a high score? until now you could only wonder. but thanks to this fun quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: natalie
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  1. where are the three disneylands located?
  2. How many times have you been to Disneyland?
  3. whitch of the following rides is at disneyland?
  4. which of the following lands are at disneyland?
  5. what city is Disneyworld located?
  6. What are the two water parks at disney world?
  7. which one of these is a disneyworld park?
  8. At disneyworld what park is a replica of Disneyland?
  9. what is the park called that is across from disneyland cali?
  10. which princess meets and lives with the seven dwarfs?

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Quiz topic: HOW DISNEY am I?