How did you died in your past life?

Do you beleive in a kind of past life...? Do you want to know how you died in this past life??? Well the next paragraphs shows you REAL stories...: Many children seem wise beyond their years or like “old souls”, parents have shared their stories via social media; many say their children have talked about tragic deaths followed by happier lives this time around. They say that when you die, your next life is with the family you had before... Here are the stories:

#. When my little sister was younger, she used to walk around the house with a picture frame with a picture of my great grandpa in her hands crying and saying, “I miss you Harvey.” Harvey had died before even I was born. Other than this common occurrence, my mom told me that she would constantly say things that my great grandma Lucy would say. #. My older sister was born the year my Dad’s mom died. According to my dad, as soon as my sister was old enough to say the words, she said ‘I am your mother.’ #. According to my mom, when I was younger, I would tell her about how I had died in a fire a long time ago. I don’t remember that, but one of my biggest fears is my house burning down. Just being around open fire scares me.

Created by: Marylou48
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  1. What are you the most afraid of?
  2. Choose any colours that you can FEEL.
  3. Choose A Letter You Can't Feel...
  4. How do you feel in the back of your mind?
  5. Choose a face.
  6. Do you think this quiz is a waste of time?
  7. Do you love swimming?
  8. Are you afraid to fall from really hight?
  9. Do you love to hunt?
  10. Do you love stare to a fire with friends?

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Quiz topic: How did you died in my past life?