How Death Metal are you?

Someone maybe calls you a Death metal fan but is it true take you test here! everyone say that you are something you don't know that you are here you'll find out!

Are You Death metal? test yourself here and find out the answer!! du you have the right style to be an Death metal fan? take this quiz and find out your answer!

Created by: coffe

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Witch band do you think are Death metal?
  2. What is in youre warderob?
  3. Do you use make-up?
  4. do you play any instrument?
  5. do you having undergroun boots?
  6. what color is youre hair?
  7. Do you Have a t-shirt with your fave band logo?
  8. Are people say that you are a Death metal fan?
  9. what do you do on your freetime?
  10. Are you depressed?

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Quiz topic: How Death Metal am I?