How Darley Dale are you?

There are many people that live in Darley Dale, but many people don't live in Darley Dale. What is Darley Dale? A nice little pretty town in the county of Derbyshire.

Do YOU know anything about Darley Dale? Do you want to find out if you actually know any information on Darley Dale? Well then within a few moments you will find out if you get 100%.

Created by: beetle45

  1. Post code?
  2. What is the dialling code for Darley?
  3. What century does St Helen's Church date back to?
  4. Is Darley Dale in Derbyshire?
  5. What town is near Darley?
  6. Which train station is near Darley?
  7. Was Tom Chambers born in Darley?
  8. What is the name of the hospital in Darley?
  9. Which of these towns is also near Darley?
  10. What year was Darley Hillside Methodist Church built?
  11. Does Darley Dale hospital[Whitworth] have a Minor A&E unit?

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Quiz topic: How Darley Dale am I?