How Crazy R U Quiz!?

Yea, if you think you are crazy find out!!! Cool! Some people are wierd some are scary some are goody-good and some are just... ? I don't know have fun! ;)

Are you crazy!? Find out here! If you aren't then you'll know for sure! This quiz doesn't lie! Also take this quiz because it's fun! :) What is it about!? Being crazy of course!

Created by: moca

  1. Do you love to be hyper?
  2. Are you scared of the pie people?
  3. If someone is talking do u.....
  4. Would you talk to your toes?
  5. would you ever talk to a bug that can hurt you?
  6. Do people ever call you wierd?
  7. Do you like cheese from the moon?
  8. Last question..... What do you think of animals?
  9. you are...
  10. What do you think about.... Emo pig.....

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