How crazy are you?

everyone are crazy!anyone who says:"no,i'm not crazy!"is crazy!cause it's crazy to not being crazy and i think being 100% crazy is too crazy and maybe people

feel that you're annoying!try to be 50 to 89% crazy!i think it'll be the best score!wanna know how much CcRrAaZzYy you are!?if your answer is yes,then take this quiz now!!

Created by: dragon

  1. you wanna go to school/ wear:
  2. you're listening to a pop/rock music!you're..
  3. you're at your friend's birthday party!you're..
  4. you're at math're...
  5. a guy came and said:"hey,i think you're crazy!"you..
  6. everyone are screaming!why?
  7. someone invited you to a party!
  8. do you like Wwe?
  9. how many girlfriend/boy friend do you have?
  10. how many girlfriend/boy friend do you have?
  11. do you think your crazy?

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I?