How crazy are you?

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Welcome to my second-favourite quiz! I once made a quiz about how weird people were. But this quiz is so much better, like an improved version of that one. I hope you will enjoy it. I put a lot of effort in all of my quizzes, but this one more than most. It’s not my first quiz-In fact, I’ve made many!

So, enjoy! And don’t forget to rate and comment at the end. I like that. And it helps my quizzes to get front-paged. Besides, I like knowing what you thought of my quiz. And now, all I can say to you is: Best of luck at getting the result you want the most! And enjoy!

Created by: ShadowFigure3000
  1. Hello guys, hello girls! I once made a quiz about how weird were you, but this one is definitely funnier and better. Well. I hope so anyway. To start, do you eat a lot of food?
  2. What word do you like the most? (If you don’t like any of these, please skip this question or answer randomly)
  3. $^@£;*/^@%/%-+)[$£#¥_|~%&}
  4. Did you like Harry Potter and the Emperor of Death, Book Thirteen in the Harry Potter series?
  5. How many biological fathers do you have? Not including stepfathers or fathers-in-law. Not including dead fathers.
  6. Do you like to do dangerous or extremely reckless things, or do you always play it safe?
  7. Do you drink alcohol/smoke/live with smokers or alcoholic people?
  8. Are you dating or not? Be truthful!
  9. Oh, I forgot a crucial question: are you weird?
  10. If you saw a spider on the floor what would you say?
  11. Oh, another crucial question: if you could climb a really tall, bendy tree would you?
  12. Also, I was wondering: are you scared of many things or few things?
  13. Did you ever say, Blababa! Or anything of the sort?
  14. Did you ever make grimaces or funny faces in public?
  15. And finally, what clothes do you prefer the most?

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I?