How Crawley Are You

There's loads of these going round so I think Crawley needs one. It's not to see if you're a chav but to see if you're really OLD SKOOL CRAWLEY - so take it

With questions about famous people, locations and different things around Crawley you can see if you know enough to get everything right or if you're really from Horsham!

Created by: Crawley Boy

  1. Mad...
  2. The garden centre roundabout is called
  3. What bus do you need for Tilgate?
  4. Wot no uniform?
  5. The last train back from Brighton is...
  6. What's the Heart of the South?
  7. Broadfield Stadium's good, but I still miss...
  8. I remember when the Punch Bowle was...
  9. Famous Residents
  10. When someone asks where you're from, you usually have to add...

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