How cool is your roblox avatar?

Do you wonder how cool your Roblox avatar is? Don’t take this seriously, ok! This is for fun!

How cool is your avatar? Find out here! Let's see if you look like a pro with an epic avatar, or just a plain old noob, ugly, or a bacon hair.

Created by: garfield
  1. First up, how much Robux do you have?
  2. Now, for hats. Which hat do you have?
  3. Now for hair! What sort of hair do u have?
  4. Let’s look at ya face, what is on it?
  5. Now, ur actual face. Does your face match the personality and style of your avatar?
  6. Is your face for free?
  7. Now for heads, how realistic is your head?
  8. Now for your body costume! Do you have a full matching body? And is it a plain body or is it like clothing?
  9. Let’s look at ya shirt! What does your shirt look like?
  10. Now, for ur pants, what do they look like?
  11. Now for your accessories, do they match and fit on your avatar? Do you have any?
  12. Is your avatar overly detailed?
  13. Have you ever been called a noob, Oder, guest or any other insult with your current avatar?
  14. Finally, gears! Do they serve a cool function or an advantage into games?
  15. Do you think your avatar looks cool?
  16. PS. Do you have matching shirt and pants? (No effect)
  17. Sorry if I kept on adding questions, but does your avatar body look as realistic as possible? (I promise u, this is the last question!)

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Quiz topic: How cool is my roblox avatar?