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  • Your quiz results
    You Are 94% Non- conformist 94%

    A true non conformist may seem conformist but they have a mind of their own.. They may follow the rules.. but it is only becaue they happen to agree with them.. A true non conformist doesnt even consider themself to be a non conformist, after all, by labeling themselves one they are aknowleging it is a group and therefore contradicting what a non conformist is

    So in other words, this is the best score you can get?

  • I'm 73%. Good quiz, but what was with the religion question? Does following the same religion your whole life make you conformist? I'm just confused.

  • I got 88% nonconformist. Nice quiz by the way.

  • Like the quiz. I'm 83% non-conformist.

  • 92% Non- conformist
    wat ever man i dono i think itis rong


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