How Close are You and Your BFFL

Do you know her middle name, would you save her instead of getting your fave singers autograph. Take the quiz to maybe find out an inconvieniant truth, or you might as well have been twins. See how close you REALLY are with your BFF!

How close are you REALLY with you bff, are you like sistas, maybe a little more then friends, or just plain strangers! Take this quiz and get results in a few minutes!

Created by: Pink Bunnyâ„¢
  1. How Many times To you talk a day?
  2. Where do you have her phone number?
  3. You see your friend dangling on a cliff about to fall, and you also see your FAVORITE singer signing autographs, will you save her and miss out on your fave artist, or forget her, get the autograph
  4. You have been saving your babysitting money for 2 months to buy this GLAMOUROUS outfit. Your friend likes it too but you know that it won't fit her, what do you do?
  5. If your friend has a problem, who is the first person she goes to.
  6. You see a shooting star and you make a wish, what is the thing you most likley would wish for
  7. Your Friend borrowed money from you, and she can't pay it back, what do you do?
  8. You get a note from the cutie you have been crushin on, who are you going to tell or not tell....
  9. She asks you if you know her middle name, can you answer.
  10. You're myspace pictures "friend" album. Who appears most

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Quiz topic: How Close am I and my BFFL