How clever you are

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Have you ever wondered if you are clever? Want to find out?? Take the next few questions.Choose the truth about you if you need the right results.Did you know that 90% of people have a great inteligence?But only 45% of them use it in the right way

Are YOU a genius? Find out with that test.Share it with your friends if you liked it,and please rate.That way you will let me know if i did a good work or not.Thank you so much for taking time to check out my quiz

Created by: Chrisa
  1. How often do you play board games?
  2. Do you often look at the 'expired date' of your food?
  3. Would say the truth,even if you scared of doing it?
  4. Do you think,facebook,is safe?
  5. Do you hate school?
  6. Are you against racism?
  7. Would you ever do something,even if you don't like it, because someone is forcing you?
  8. Do you think that you are clever?
  9. Are you a good student?
  10. Was it an interesting quiz?

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