How Cheshunt are you?

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There are many people in Cheshunt but few true Cheshuntites. A Cheshuntite is, we would all agree, quite exceptional. What is a Cheshuntite? A Cheshuntite is someone who has an extraordinarily Cheshunt way of life and lives and breathes Pure Cheshunt..

Are YOU a 100% Cheshunt-- Do you have the chehuntness to make the grade? Until now you could only wonder. But take this quiz, and in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: James

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  1. The only place you shop is?
  2. Do you or have you ever hung around outside a chip shop?
  3. Are you or a member of your family named after a perfume or an alcoholic beverage?
  4. How many Tesco are there in Cheshunt?
  5. Do you or a member of your family drive a taxi?
  6. Have you ever been shopping in your pyjamas?
  7. The best tattoos are?
  8. the Beckham's?
  9. What is your favourite beach?
  10. Complete this name ... "Spitter"?
  11. Which famous landmark hosted the 1990 football riots?
  12. Bury green was once home to this celebrity?
  13. Your favoured mode of transport is?

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Quiz topic: How Cheshunt am I?