How chauncey are you?

This a quiz which truly grasps the essence of reality, that we can't all be chaunceys. If you score well, welcome to the brotherhood of chaunceys, if not it sucks for you.

well you can take this quiz or die if not ill eat your freaking family if so ill maybe decide not to kill you and your loved ones in a brutal manner oh well who cares about them anyways as long as your a friggin chauncey so die you idiot of a moron

Created by: Tanner Ward

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is chauncey literally closest to?
  2. What could chauncey potentially mean?
  3. Which is a correct way to say chauncey?
  4. Who is the president of the Chauncey Club?
  5. In what state did the word chauncey originate?
  6. Which is not a real chauncey?
  7. Which is the dictionary definition of chauncey?
  8. Which word did chauncey derive from?
  9. Who's the biggest chauncey?
  10. Would you consider yourself a chauncey?

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Quiz topic: How chauncey am I?