How Cat Are You?

This quiz is for all ya'll honkers out there who'd like to know how much of the speciman of the feline genre you possess. You may possess a lot or a little. Do not lie in this quiz, or your results will not be correct (no s--- sherlock).

Come on, you know you wanna take this quiz. And no one has to know your results if you think it's too weird, which it is not. So are you really cat-like? Take this quiz and find out how cat you are!

Created by: Lucy

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Has anyone ever told you that you are cat-like?
  2. Do you/Have you ever owned a speciman of the feline genre (aka a cat)? If so, how many?
  3. Do you tend to hiss or meow at random times?
  4. Do you like to eat seafood?
  5. Do you own anything with a cheetah/leopard/tiger print?
  6. Have you ever dressed as a cat (for whatever reason you may have)?
  7. Have you ever meowed to your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  8. How big are your eyes?
  9. Do you have an excess hair problem?
  10. Are you friends with anyone who you think is cat-like?

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Quiz topic: How Cat am I?