How Cami Are You?

Some people are cool, some are dull, and some are outright lame. but in order to be the coolest person ever, you would need to be like cami, because she personifies the word cool. duh.

this is the quiz where you will find out exactly how fabulous you really are. if you don't score that high, be prepared for some brutal suggestions on how to live your life in a more camilicious way.

Created by: fabulous

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you consider yourself brilliant?
  2. Is violence ever the answer?
  3. What is your favorite subject?
  4. How would you spend the last saturday night? if it is saturday, what are you doing.
  5. on a scale of one to athletic, what would you rate yourself?
  6. what does e equal?
  7. dogs or cats?
  8. what is your hair color?
  9. how self confident are you?
  10. who is the worst ever winner of america's next top model?

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Quiz topic: How Cami am I?