How Californian Are You? (for girls)

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There many ways people describe Californian girls, fake, stupid, bleached blondes, dumb, or positive things. This quizzed is based off of how people in general view Californians, so don't make it a big deal if you don't get a score you don't like.

Are you a bleached blonde Hollister babe kicking it in with skater dudes? Or are you-- oh flip gammit, just stop reading this and take the quiz already!

Created by: lilfreakgryl
  1. Do you wear short shorts?
  2. Do stops signs mean anything to you?
  3. Do you shops at stores like Aeropostale, Hollister, Abercrombie, e.t.c?
  4. Do you have blonde highlights?
  5. Do you wear fake nails?
  6. Do you have any hair extensions that you wear?
  7. Do you wear sunglasses inside?
  8. Do you straighten your hair often?
  9. Do you listen to a lot of popular songs on the radio?
  10. Do you show off your body? BE HONEST.

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Quiz topic: How Californian am I? (for girls)