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  • How is this the top quiz? It doesn't have the best rating, based off of something nobody particularly cares about (no offense to anybody who's... Uhm... Brummian?), and few comments. Epic summer should be on the top 40. Tons of good comments, awesome story-line, and great ratings. But this? Not hating, it's just that this 'top 40' system doesn't seem to work too well.

  • Actually there IS a swimming pool outside of Cadburys world, it's the building on the right hand side as you go into Cadburys world of linden road.....the cricket ground is on the hilly bit going towards cotteridge and I'm also sure it's a boules green too! The swimming pool is called linden road baths.

  • As someone who has lived in Bournville for 25 years I cannot tell you what is outside Cadburys factory as none of these things listed are correct LOL Opposite the factory (NOT part of the factory site itself) is either a park, houses, train tracks/station, shops or Cadbury World!

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  • The answer given for question 11 is wrong. Any true Brumie knows that Manchester is the 2nd city of England. Birmingham is the 1st.

  • no one cares!! stop encouraging more of these stupid quizzes!!!


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