How Bright Do You Shine?

Have You Ever thought do people around me care?Am i popular?am i too mean?Or any of those things well come on down to this quiz this might not be perfect but if been through all this and this is my first so i hope this answers most of your questions.

Now There are three ending and what You get is what you get try this quiz once in a while and please dont get mad if you get something you dont like this is my first one and this is on my personal experience and anyways i Hope you enjoy this well lets start?!

Created by: fire4me2hawk
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Hate People(be honest)
  2. How many people like you?(be honest)
  3. Have You Had a GF/BF
  4. Have You Dumped Your friends?
  5. Right Now Are you trying to be
  6. How Much Do friend surround you
  7. Do You hate Your parents
  8. Do You Demand Much?
  9. How much do you hang out with your friends
  10. Final Question will mainly affect the outcome how much do YOU argue with people be totally honest.

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Quiz topic: How Bright do I Shine?