Are you positive?

finally,a quiz for this!Figure out if your positive and bright and get advice to help your attitude shine!being positive is a good thing,and,here youll figure out if you are or not!

Are you a positive person?do you care if your neighbor gets them all?But thanks to this great quiz,youll figure out real soon!Have fun,drive safe,and be positive!

Created by: anne

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  1. Do you think you are able to depend on?
  2. Do you think you are always determined to what your doing?
  3. Do you have friend and think you are popular?
  4. Where do you shop at?
  5. What is your family?
  6. Do you have a mate?
  7. You?
  8. You love life?
  9. Your food source?
  10. What will you do over weekend?

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Quiz topic: Am I positive?