How bored are you?

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Hey there! Are you bored? Really? Let's check how bored are you? You'll enjoy the quiz if you are bored. We've got in a special "borometer" which tells you how bored are you.

You wanna try? Check this out then. I think you are quite bored, asv you are reading this stuff. Well I'm not gonna write something special here, just typing so you can kill boredom for a while.

Created by: aadee
  1. Hey there! Are you bored?
  2. Ok, so, have you tried all my quizzes?
  3. Do you like to draw?
  4. Do you like to watch anime?
  5. Are you hungry?
  6. Do you like to study?
  7. Are you on Facebook/ WhatsApp/ other social network?
  8. Do you like to play games?
  9. Did you mum just called for you?
  10. Do you know what is Obama up to now?
  11. So, you are still there?
  12. Ok, have you read "Heroes of Olympus"?
  13. You heard that song, "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift?
  14. You are still here?
  15. Ok, we've a test tomorrow, of chemistry.
  16. I hate my Chemistry teacher. He sucks.
  17. I hate my Psychology teacher too.
  18. Well, I hate many people at my school.
  19. Oh no! We've got Health Science class tomorrow!!
  20. In my opinion, Monday sucks
  21. Oh sorry, I didn't put any options. I suppose i should leave now. Hope you enjoyed the last 5 minutes. Take care.

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Quiz topic: How bored am I?