How Bored Are You?

There are many people in this world who think they are bored. I'm bored, I have nothing to do, they complain. But what is the true meaning of boredom, and do you qualify as a yes?

Take this quiz to find out how bored YOU are. And it's okay to take it just to see the results, because hey, that proves you're bored! This quiz will show you what to do with your life if you are bored.

Created by: qwerty

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  1. You are going to take the "How Bored Are You?" test. But before reading these choices, please read this, as it is very important to determine your results. This test is not meant for academic purposes and should not, in any way, affect you social life. HAHA YOU JUST WASTED 10 SECONDS OF YOUR LIFE!! (well hopefully because 1)maybe you didn't fall for that or 2)it might not have been 10 seconds. Ok now for the actual test. Where are your parents right now?
  2. How bored do YOU think you are?
  3. What did you think of that super long paragraph at the beginning?
  4. What are you doing right now?
  5. Why are you taking this test?
  6. What does the word "bored" mean to you?
  7. Someone says "I know something you can do!"
  8. What do you think of this quiz so far?
  9. What are you SUPPOSED to be doing right now?
  10. Hmm... out of questions

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Quiz topic: How Bored am I?