How Bmore Are You?

This quiz was designed as a humorous yet serious way of getting people from Baltimore, Maryland to realize that the world has more to offer. This quiz help people to understand that some of the things they do with their time is not helping their community or themselves.

Are YOU Bmore? Are you ghetto enough to qualify for that title dreaded my so many other Marylanders. Until now, you may have had a clue, but this test should reveal the true results.

Created by: Jamaal
  1. I live in the East/West Side of the city and I cannot name five streets on the opposite side of the city.
  2. I listen to the 92Q 9:00 club mix faithfully, every night I can.
  3. I travel outside of Maryland often.
  4. The Baltimore Ravens fottball team are named after the state bird, the Baltimore Raven.
  5. If I had to coose between the following clubs, I would most likely go to:
  6. When I go into a carryout, I order:
  7. Most times, I got to the Harbor to:
  8. The mall that I shop at the most is:
  9. Frederick Douglas was born and raised in Baltimore
  10. Which one of these colleges and universities are not located in Baltimore City?

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Quiz topic: How Bmore am I?