How Blonde are You?

There are some smart people, some overly smart people, some average people, some stupid people, and of course Blonds! Any one can be a blond and just cause you have blond hair dosn't mean you are a blond!

Are you too blond for your own good? I suggest you find out right now! This quiz will tell you if you are! I hope you aren't too blond! This quiz will tell you if you are too smart too!

Created by: meg
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  1. A orphan is on one side of a road and her mother is on the other. A bridge is over the road. How does the orphan get to her mother without crossing the road?
  2. A one story house has everey thing it pink. The food is pink the furtiture is pink even the people are pink! What colar is the stairs?
  3. What is your best subject?
  4. What is pi's first 6 digits?
  5. What is not the letter in front of M, but the one behind?
  6. Do you do your homework everey night if you do what time?
  7. A few squares are in a larger squre that is 5 sqin. There is a 1.5,3, and .5 sqin squres in side. Which one is largest?
  8. How much do you read?
  9. What is your hair type?
  10. Do you know your grandparents middle names?

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Quiz topic: How Blonde am I?