How Blonde Are You?

You may think you're blonde, but how blonde are you exactly? You might be blonde-er than you think! A blonde is a person who is gullable, not the smartest in the class and entertaining for everyone!

Are YOU a complete blonde? Are YOU gullable? Are YOU not the smartest in the class? Are YOU entertaining in a blonde way? Take this quiz to find out! (please!)

Created by: Elyse
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  1. What Colour is your hair?
  2. Are you clever?
  3. How often do you have blond moments?
  4. How long does it take you to understand a joke?
  5. Can you detect sarcasm?
  6. How good are your reactions?
  7. If you did a test with 100 questions on maths or science, what would be your most likely score?
  8. 36+164=? how long did it take you to do that sum?
  9. At school, were you in...
  10. How good are you at reading?
  11. Are you very gullable?

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Quiz topic: How Blonde am I?