how blonde are you?

thier are very few smart blondes in the world maybe not any.but hey you never no you may be the first. Take this quiz and find just doing this to get the stuppid 150 caracters and acurate words.

are you a stupid blonde take this quiz and in just a few minutes youll know. have fun you low life nerd who has nothing better to do except search the web blah blah blah

Created by: maria

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  1. their is a green wagon the tires are green the handle is green everything about it is green whatcolor are the stairs
  2. who is the mascot for the detroit tigeres
  3. is a human a mammal?
  4. how much is a bakers dozen?
  5. an orphan has to cross the road whos he going to
  6. what is jack skellington
  7. what is the name of this website
  8. are you actually blonde
  9. do you like avril lavigne
  10. king kong a smart blonde and godzilla jump off a building ...who hits the ground first

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Quiz topic: How blonde am I?