How blond are you?

Blond, what is a blond someone who drops gum out if their mouth while they speak and sometimes even whn their not. A blond is a very complex person. Someone who looks at the world entirely different.

Are you blond. Do you often get told you have blond moments. Well you will soon find out if you should have been born blonde. Take the quiz Now you know you wnat to.

Created by: Kylee
  1. You have walked into a glass screen door.
  2. How do you spell blonde.
  3. Do the alphabet and twinkle twinkle little star have the same rhythm?
  4. Do people say you sound blond.
  5. Do you use your fingers to do simple math?
  6. What's your favorite color.
  7. In this sentence is to used wrong? "I went their too!"
  8. Have you ever thought something funny and laughed. Then got a funny look from the people around you?
  9. Do you think this quiz is going to say you are very blonde.
  10. Is it possible to lick your elbow

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Quiz topic: How blond am I?