How Beautiful Are You?(Very Accurate)

All of those other quizzes, telling you false information about how beautiful you are is just a major problem! So I have created an accurate quiz that will tell you for sure!

This quiz is the most accurate out there, you are lucky to have found it, because it will tell you the truth! Trust me on this! I have researched over five hours!

Created by: Gcat769
  1. First off, please answer honestly, or your result won't be accurate.
  2. Do you get invited to social events?
  3. Do you have a suitable bed time, and get the appropriate amount of sleep?
  4. Do you shower daily?
  5. Whats your personality like?
  6. Do you care for yourself?
  7. Neat freak or pack rat?
  8. I have all the info I need.:)

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Quiz topic: How Beautiful am I?(Very Accurate)