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  • "Major Desperation"

    I'm not going to make it to the bathroom even if I try. I'm sitting down and if I get up I'll burst. I'm seriously leaking like crazy as I type. My bffs and I are having a holding contest, and...well... Chloe is showing no signs whatsoever that she has to pee. Maya is crossing her legs, kinda squirming, Abby is just tapping her feet, while Hannah is holding herself a bit, but I'm worst off. "Okay, next challenge! Stand up!" Chloe shouts. I stand up, as a big wet patch appears on my pants! I hold myself some more. A drop runs down my leg. The urge is pushing spurts out and I can't control it. "Hermione, you've already lost anyway, just go ahead and wet yourself." Abby says. "Okay..." I say, unsure. I enjoy the warm, wet relief as it runs down my legs and onto Hannah's carpet. Forming a huge puddle around me. I look at my friends and smile. They laugh. And laugh some more, Maya laughs so hard, she wets her pants, then Hannah! Chloe makes a huge wet spot on the front of her skirt. Abby tries to run to the bathroom, but doesn't make it to the door.

    Hermione Harper
  • So basically did this is class and let's just say not a good idea. I did it with my friends and they were showing no signs of needing to piss. But j took the biscuit I was holding my crotch in class and sir made us stand up and jump. A huge wet spot appeared. A drop ran down my leg. I was out of control. I pissed myself and then the rest if my friends wet them self laughing. We were all put in iso for being so stupid. Lol

  • So I wore a diaper and halfway through it I was needing to go BADLY. Luckily my mommy( girlfriend) walked in and said "Aww, does Adam need to pee?" I looked at her and GRIPPED my crotch and wiggled. She walked over and sat down next to me. She then told me to hold it in as best as I possibly could. I looked at her and held my crotch like my life depended on it. Aboiot 2 minutes later, I told her that I was about to go, she then told me she wanted to hold me like a baby. I slowly climbed into her lap. She then unbuckled my diaper and rubbed just above my male part. As she did, I started to feel my male part get warm, I looked at her smile, and she buckled up my diaper. "Aww little Adam is going tinkle!" I smiled and looked so happy. I then told her that I also needed to poop. She proceeded to flip me around( I'm am still peeing as this is occurring) and she opens my diaper to rub my butt. Yet again she notices me push, and she covers me back up as I poop. After, I stand up, she tells me to go to the changing table. I get up there and she takes off my diaper. She then tells me to pee a bit, like how real baby boys pee in their Mommy's face. As I do, she tells me to put on boxer shorts. A few hours later she comes in to tell me to pee in those as well. My life is amazing!

    Baby boi
  • I clicked not the quiz and did the stuff. halfway through, my stomach was gurgling! then drop came out, then a spurt, then i started peeing like crazy ! THANK GOD I had a towel underneath me!!! I rushed to the bathroom, but I didn't make it! It went down my legs and I felt relieved!

  • "Major Desperation

    You are very desperate to get to the bathroom. Thanks for taking this test, but you should probably go now. Congratulations! You have scored in the highest percentage!"

    Nah,I 'll just go to sleep now.

  • At the end i couldn't get up or I would pee myself. My friend came over to me and pushed on my bladder and I lost it. I couldn't do anything about it and now I'm sitting in a puddle of pee.

  • I whas so hard Trying to hold my pee that i farted i did not only peed my pants i also filled my pants with poop

  • Yes I have survived!*huge wet Spot appears in Front of pants* *pee runs down The floor* Well,Almost.

  • The moment I take my pants off, I rush to the toilet to pee. I can't hold it when I see the toilet...

  • Nice quiz. Almost made me leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! *crosses legs* *dribbles* Well, almost!

  • UGHHHH!!!! I AM NOT EVEN GONNA TRY TO GET UP I AM CROSSING MY LEGS AND SQUING LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.. *spurts* nvm safe to try and walk now... It's mostly out a way...

  • *run as fast as i can to the toilet* AAARGHHHH finallyy


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