How Bad Do You Need Someone To Love?

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This quiz is to determine if you are really desperate for love! or if you already have someone to love and are happy! Take my quiz to find out!!!!! :)

Created by: pkiera75

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  1. Do you feel lonely all the time..?
  2. Do you believe in love at first site...?
  3. Do you plan meeting that special someone...?
  4. Did you want to make/have kids?
  5. (finishing the last question) Or Do you want to adopt?
  6. Do you already have someone to love..?
  7. If I would ask you out.. would you say yes..?
  8. Do you want someone to
  9. Do you alwayz yearn for sex?
  10. Which one do you think you will get...?
  11. Did you like my quiz?
  12. I love you!! :-*

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Quiz topic: How Bad do I Need Someone To Love?