How awesome are you?? Find out now!

Hi!!! Welcome to my awesome quiz:D Are you ready to find out how awesome you really are? I know I am! XD I hope you enjoy this quiz:) It's not one of my better ones, I got kinda lazy!!:D

My other quizzes are: The Ultimate Belieber Quiz:D, Are You Like Me?:), What Female Celeb Singer Do You Look Like?, Do you know popular lyrics??, What Nail Polish Color Should You Wear??, and What should you wear in your hair? I have a lot of quizzes even though I've been here less than a week:D Imma go eat some pudding now:) Enjoy my quiz!!!:D

Created by: glitterchick97
  1. Do you like glitter?
  2. Do you like pandas?
  3. Do you like Justin Bieber?
  4. Doesn't he have the most dreamy eyes? And the most gorgeous smile? And the sweetest personality?
  5. Do you like Aeropostale?
  6. Do you love Jesus?
  7. Will you go to Kansas Bible Camp this summer or next? (their website is if you're interested:D)
  8. Do you love macaroni and cheese?
  9. Do you like the song Friday by Rebecca Black?
  10. Do you like pudding?

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Quiz topic: How awesome am I?? Find out now!