How Awesome Are You?

Basically if you get really awesome you have the same interests as the quiz maker. Only answer from each question is designated really awesome. The rest are kinda awesome.

Are you genius? Well you don't have to be for this quiz. It's about selecting your favorite and you're really awesome if you selected the same one as the quiz maker.

Created by: Serge
  1. Which is best?
  2. Which is best?
  3. Which is best?
  4. Have you ever been top 100 in a online video game leaderboard?
  5. Which Call of Duty is the best?
  6. Which is the best Call of Duty?
  7. Which is the best?
  8. Choose the best
  9. Which would you rather buy?
  10. Choose one

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Quiz topic: How Awesome am I?