how asian are you

Theyre many cool people are out their, but not all deserve the title of Asian! So take this quiz to see.yes to see your skills. would be most impressive dont you think.

Are you smart, cool, skilled,yellow.take this quiz to find out.wouldnt it be neat to see how cool,asian you are well come and see your big eyes just kidding.

Created by: mikel

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you break dance?
  2. do you eat rice more than 4times a week?
  3. do you know who prepix is?
  4. are you going out with an asian
  5. 12+3-8+1+2+3-4*7/88=?
  6. are you good at ddr?
  7. do you have guitar hero1-2and3!!!
  8. do you have more rice than money ?
  9. why?
  10. are you parents cool.

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Quiz topic: How asian am I