How anime are you? ^.^

Do you get called "anime"? It's rare, I know, but does it ever occur to you that maybe having Japanese characters doodled on your homework or plushies in your room could be symptoms of major fandom? Or maybe you want ot be more of a fan than your wannabe friend? Take this quiz to hear the truth you could never tell yourself!

Or maybe you're just an anime hater and want to prove that to be even cooler than you think you already are. Maybe you laugh at the anime fans at school and enjoy flaming innocent anime forums. If so, take this quiz so everyone knows you're a hater and so we can steer clear of you =_=

Created by: Kouari
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  1. You got no homework. What say we go on the computer?
  2. It's Friday night, guess what that means? Late night Anime TVblock!
  3. You're at the mall. There are lots of stores that catch your eye, but before you know it you're running for...
  4. Uh oh, boredom. You're sitting in class and you're done the in class assignment. You're already doodling on your notebook. What are you drawing?
  5. Anime theme songs are...
  6. YouTube just deleted all your Anime Music videos and has suspended your account for copyright purposes.
  7. This new artist joins the internet Art community you have been in for months. But they SUCK at CGing. Do you critique truthfully?
  8. Want some ramen?
  9. Cosplay Convention next week! Omg!
  10. End of the quiz! Self evaluation! Are you an anime fan?

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Quiz topic: How anime am I? ^.^