How American are you?

There are over 320 million American citizens, but many do not know their history. How will you fare on this quiz? Take it to find out! Beware! There are some hard questions!

Please tell me how you liked this quiz in the comments. It took a lot of work to put together, but it was fun in the making. Please do not leave any negative comments. I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: Anastasia

  1. Which state was the first state?
  2. Who was the first president to be assassinated?
  3. Which great American inventor invented the lightbulb?
  4. Who was our first president?
  5. Who was America's 28th president? (no looking this one up!!!!!!!)
  6. What year was the song "Alexander's Ragtime Band" first recorded?
  7. What year did the Great Depression start?
  8. What political party did Harry S Truman belong to?
  9. Who was George Washington's Vice President for his first term?
  10. How many stars and stripes does America's flag have?

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Quiz topic: How American am I?