How addicted to G.T.Q are you?

There are many users on this site that can't spend a day without this site, while some are the opposite of that. Which are you? The addicted or the other? Look no further! This quiz will tell you the answer.

I will ask you a few questions then i will process the answer once you hit the submit button. Just answer the questions with a truthful heart and i will give you the results. Take the quiz!

Created by: Insane Helium
  1. How long have you been on this site?
  2. Have you EVER gone one week without G.T.Q?
  3. When you sleep you dream about___?
  4. How many hours do you sleep?
  5. What is your level stats?
  6. How many hours are you on this site a day?
  7. How old are you on this site?
  8. Go To Quiz is a____?
  9. Are you addicted to this site?
  10. Are you really?

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Quiz topic: How addicted to G.T.Q am I?